UPDATE: An All Plants X-Mas E-book got 5 new recipes!!

AN ALL PLANTS X-MAS: 150 Vegan & Mostly Gluten-Free Recipes! (PDF E-BOOK)

AN ALL PLANTS X-MAS: 150 Vegan & Mostly Gluten-Free Recipes! (PDF E-BOOK)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Christmas is one of our favourite holidays! It’s filled with sparkling lights, delicious cozy food, and plenty of gatherings with our family and close friends. However, trying to put together a fully plant-based (mostly gluten-free) celebration can be a source of stress for many. This is why we came up with this Vegan Christmas E-book.

Whether you’re planning to have a fully plant-based Christmas or are just looking for a few vegan-friendly dishes to include in your holiday menu, here you’ll find everything you need and more to make your Christmas celebration extra special.

The holidays should bring everyone together but sadly most vegan products include so much gluten especially centrepieces like vegan turkey or ham whose main ingredient, seitan, is pure gluten. This means people who are gluten allergic, intolerant, or simply want to avoid gluten are left out. This is why we centred our research on making Gluten-Free Vegan Centrepieces using pea protein and tofu as the main ingredients.

Our Christmas recipes aren’t just plant-based but mostly gluten-free as well. And with that we mean we have actually created Vegan & Gluten-Free show-stopping centrepieces such as our GF Stuffed No-Turkey and our GF Swedish Vegan Ham.

This cookbook includes 150 Vegan Recipes and over 120 of those are 100% Gluten-Free or very easily made Gluten-Free!

All Gluten-Free Recipes are clearly marked with a GF Symbol so you can spot them quickly!

You will receive two PDF versions of the e-book. One full resolution for the highest quality, and one lower resolution that is perfect for your phone or a low-powered device.

You can can get our Vegan Christmas E-book in our Store.



Start your holiday menu with a Vegan and Gluten-Free friendly Smorgasbord which includes:

    • Vegan & GF Jamón Serrano Wrapped Dates
    • No-Pigs in a Blanket
    • Vegan Bratwursts
    • Hot-Italian Vegan Sausages
    • GF Herby Pistachio Falafel w/ Tzatziki & Spicy Tomato Sauce
    • Vegan BBQ Ribs
    • Vegan & GF Cheesy Garlic Bread
    • Vegan & GF Spicy BBQ Cauliflower Wings
    • Vegan & GF Swedish Potato Dumplings
    • Seitan Bac’n
    • Vegan & GF Swedish Christmas Meatballs
    • Vegan & GF Swedish Beetroot Salad
    • Vegan & GF Crabless Cakes
    • Vegan & GF Smørrebrød w/ Carrot Lox
    • Vegan & GF Swedish Senapssill (Herring in Mustard Sauce)
    • Vegan & GF Swedish Jansson’s Temptation (Potato & Anchovy Casserole)
    • Vegan & GF Dreamy Mashed Potatoes
    • Vegan & GF Garlic Roast Potatoes
    • Vegan & GF Crispy Cheezy Potato Stacks
    • Vegan & GF Green Bean Casserole
    • Vegan & GF Festive Brussels Sprouts w/ Lime & Oregano
    • The Vegan & GF Stuffing featuring our Vegan & GF Minced Meat

Impress all your guests with show-stopping Vegan & Gluten-Free Centrepieces such as:

    • The Vegan Swedish Christmas Ham
    • The Vegan Stuffed Seitan No-Turkey ( ONE OF THE NEW RECIPES!!!)
    • The Vegan & GF Stuffed No-Turkey
    • Vegan & GF Portobello Wellington
    • Vegan Wheat Filet Mignon
    • Vegan & GF Swedish Christmas Ham
    • Vegan & GF No-Meatloaf w/ Creamy Mushroom Sauce & Shiitakes
    • Vegan Celebration Seitan Roast
    • Vegan Seitan Steaks
    • Exquisite Vegan & GF Salmon Fillets
    • Vegan & GF Fysh & Chips

Add on these incredible Vegan & Gluten-Free Pastas:

  • The Best Vegan & GF Mac & Cheeze
  • Vegan & GF Garlic Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Vegan & GF Carbonara w/ Coconut Bacon
  • Vegan Homemade Ravioli al Formaggio w/ Cultured Cream Cheeze
  • The Best Vegan & GF Bolognese with Tagliatelle
  • Vegan & GF Pesto Lumaconi (Stuffed Shells)
  • Vegan & GF Homemade Gnocchi
  • Vegan & GF Cheezy Meaty Gnocchi Casserole
  • The Best Vegan & GF Lasagna Ever!! (ONE OF THE NEW RECIPES!!!)
  • Vegan & GF Cheezy Easy Lasagna
  • Vegan & GF Courgette/Zucchini Lasagna Roll Ups

Continue on with these delicious Vegan & Gluten-Free Soups & Stews:

  • Vegan & GF Cheezy Roasted Pumpkin Soup
  • Vegan & GF Red Cabbage Soup w/ Homemade Bratwurst Chunks
  • The Best Vegan & GF Chili Ever!
  • Vegan & GF Grandma’s Stew (Spinach with Chickpeas Stew from my grandma from Spain)
  • Vegan & GF Mum’s Easy Menudo from Spain

Start every day of these holidays the right way with our extensive variety of Vegan & Gluten-Free Breakfasts:

Liquid Breakfast:

  • Vegan & GF Dalgona Coffee
  • Vegan & GF Chai Concentrate
  • Vegan & GF Liquid Apple Pie
  • Vegan & GF Nutella Smoothie
  • Vegan & GF Cashew Coffee Creamer
  • Vegan & GF Almond Coffee Creamer

Savoury Breakfast:

  • Vegan & GF Scramble to Die For
  • Vegan & GF Fried Egg
  • The Best Vegan & GF Potato Waffles
  • Vegan & GF Swedish Meatball Sub or ‘Köttbullemacka’
  • Amazing Homemade Vegan Bagels

Sweet Breakfast:

  • The Vegan 3 Kings Cake or “Roscón de Reyes” (a traditional brioche-like sweet bread from Spain infused with Orange Blossom & filled w/ decadent homemade Vegan Whipped Cream, eaten the morning of Three Kings’ Day on January 6th!)
  • Vegan & GF Gingerbread Waffles
  • Vegan & GF Nutella Pastry X-Mas Tree
  • Vegan Swedish Saffron Buns (‘Lussebullar’ or Swedish saffron “Lucia” buns)
  • Vegan Swedish Cinnamon Buns or ‘Kanelbullar’
  • Vegan Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts
  • Vegan Gooey Cinnamon Rolls w/ Homemade Vanilla Cream Cheeze
  • Vegan Spiced Pear Galette w/ Homemade Whole-Wheat Galette Pastry
  • Vegan Gingerbread & Lingonberry Cake w/ traditional Swedish flavours
  • Vegan Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Vegan & GF Date Syrup & Turmeric Fluffy Pancakes
  • Vegan & GF Healthy Chickpea Cookies
  • Vegan & GF Rice Pudding from Spain (my mum’s recipe for Spanish Arroz Con Leche)

We also include a large variety of Sauces, Gravies & Dressings to accompany our centrepieces:

  • Vegan & GF Homemade Cranberry Sauce
  • Vegan & GF Mayonnaise (Original & Spicy)
  • Vegan & GF Healthy Cashew Mayonnaise
  • Vegan & GF Salsa Rosa (The Pink Spanish Cocktail Sauce)
  • Vegan & GF Classic Béarnaise Sauce
  • Vegan & GF Healthy Béarnaise Sauce
  • Vegan & GF Green Peppercorn Gravy
  • Vegan & GF Swedish Brown Gravy (Ikea Style but better!)
  • Vegan & GF Easy Pepper Sauce
  • Vegan & GF Classic Hollandaise Sauce
  • Vegan & GF Blue Cheeze Sauce (yes, it actually tastes like blue cheese!)
  • Vegan & GF Oil-Free Ranch Dressing (This is THE BEST VEGAN RANCH you’re ever going to have!!!)
  • Vegan & GF Tartar Sauce
  • Vegan & GF Sour Cream
  • Vegan & GF Nutty Parmesan
  • Vegan & GF Walnut Pesto
  • Vegan & GF Gooey Melty Stretchy Umami Cheeze Sauce

Finish the meals with some really special Vegan & Gluten-Free Sweets:

  • Vegan X-Mas Tree Cupcakes (Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ a Homemade Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting & a Chocolate Covered-Walnut Surprise Inside)
  • Vegan & GF Nutella (The Best Vegan Nutella in the World!!)
  • Vegan & GF Mylk Chocolate Turrón from Spain (the traditional Spanish nougat dessert veganized)
  • Vegan & GF Nutella Turrón from Spain (the traditional Spanish nougat dessert filled w/ our Homemade Vegan Nutella Spread)
  • Vegan & GF Raffaella (our version of the famous Raffaello but better!)
  • Vegan Swedish-Style Gingerbread Cookies
  • Vegan & GF Tiramisu Cake
  • Vegan & GF Easy Tiramisu
  • Vegan & GF Easy Pumpkin Pie
  • The Best Vegan & GF Pumpkin Pie in the World using ‘Just Egg’
  • Vegan & GF Egg-Free Meringue
  • Vegan & GF Chai Panna Cotta w/ Date Syrup Drizzle
  • The Ultimate Vegan & GF Crème Caramel or Flan
  • Vegan & GF White Chocolate Vanilla Mousse
  • Vegan & GF Lemon Mousse
  • Vegan & GF Passion Fruit Mousse
  • Vegan & GF Key Lime Pie Mousse w/ a Healthy Oat & Almond Crust
  • Vegan & GF Chocolate Pudding w/ a Lime Exquisite Twist
  • Vegan & GF Salted Caramel Popcorn
  • Vegan & GF Healthy Twix Style Bars
  • Vegan & GF Basil Infused Ice Cream w/ Strawberry Sauce
  • Vegan & GF Salted Caramel Sauce
  • The Best Vegan & GF Homemade Dreamy Whipped Cream

Or enjoy a sophisticated and decadent Vegan & Gluten-Free Grazing Board:

  • The Vegan & GF Faux Gras Infused w/ Truffle (this recipe is outstanding, you need to try it ASAP!!!)
  • Vegan & GF Baked Brie en Croûte with Lingonberry Jam (wrapped in puff pastry)
  • Vegan & GF Serrano Cured Ham or Spanish Vegan Jamón Serrano
  • Vegan & GF Mortadella
  • Vegan & GF Bavarian Mortadella
  • Vegan & GF Homemade Tempeh (ONE OF THE NEW RECIPES!!!)
  • Vegan & GF Cultured Herb Cream Cheeze
  • Vegan & GF Cultured Cashew Cheeze
  • Vegan & GF Easy Almond Baked Cheeze
  • Vegan & GF Easy Blue Cheeze
  • The Best Vegan & GF Cultured Vegan Feta
  • Vegan & GF 10-Minute Block-Style Vozzarella
  • Vegan & GF Seeded Crackers
  • Vegan Fluffy Focaccia
  • Vegan Fluffy Flatbread

We have included a chapter entirely dedicated to festive yet healthy and delicious Dog Treats because they also deserve something extra special for the holidays:

  • Vegan Pupcakes piled high with dog-friendly hummus frosting
  • Vegan & GF Whole-Food Puppy Treats
  • Vegan & GF Puppy Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Vegan & GF Puppy Pumpkin Treats

One of our favourite chapters is our Holiday Drinks chapter which includes 9 Vegan & Gluten-Free Holiday-Themed Adult Alcoholic Beverages for you to enjoy and relax during these holidays:

  • Vegan & GF Whiskey Eggnog 
  • The Vegan & GF Christmaspolitan (our twist on the classic cosmopolitan cocktail w/ a few secret ingredients!)
  • Vegan & GF Lemon Cava Sorbet  or ‘Sorbete de limón al cava’, one of Spain’s signature celebratory drinks
  • Vegan & GF Mulled Wine fermented overnight for an extra depth of flavour
  • The Best Vegan & GF Irish Cream Liqueur or Vegan Baileys
  • Vegan & GF Irish Cream Pumpkin Spice Liqueur or Vegan Pumpkin Spice Baileys
  •  Vegan & GF Irish Cream Chai Spice Liqueur or Vegan Chai Spice Baileys
  • The Best Vegan & GF White Russian you’ll ever have!
  • Vegan & GF Whiskey Sour

And to finish off this cookbook, we added a special chapter called Detox with 7 recipes to help you give your body a little extra love after the indulgences of the holiday season and to start your post-Christmas detox off on the right foot:

  • Vegan & GF Golden Mylk (ONE OF THE NEW RECIPES!!!)
  • Vegan & GF Kale Lemonade Smoothie
  • Vegan & GF Purple Spinach & Blueberry Smoothie
  • Vegan & GF Celery Juice
  • Vegan & GF ABC Detox Juice (the most detoxifying juice ever which is also delicious!)
  • Vegan & GF Hibiscus Tea
  • Vegan & GF Festive Kale Salad w/ a Ginger-Miso Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Vegan & GF Green Monster Soup w/Chanterelle Mushrooms

There is definitely something (or plenty!) for everyone in this delicious collection of vegan (and mostly gluten-free) recipes. And even though we created this cookbook with Christmas in mind, you will most certainly want to make these dishes all year long because they’re all that irresistible.

This cookbook will be delivered as a PDF download. It’s designed to be read on your computer, tablet or mobile device. It can also be printed out. Simply stick it in a three-ring binder, and keep it in your kitchen for easy reference.

You can download the e-book as many times as you like as we know it’s easy to lose stuff.

Most of these recipes are exclusive to this e-book as you can’t find them in any of our other cookbooks. Some of these you can find on the blog, but 25 of these recipes are exclusive to this e-book and won’t be shared on the blog or any other platform. We have marked those in bold.

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