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Over 150 satisfying recipes to feed all the members of your household. This is the Vegan Bible that you have been looking for, full of mesmerizing high-quality colour photos that are sure to inspire you and to trigger your appetite!


Over 150 satisfying recipes to feed all the members of your household.

Most who embrace a plant-based diet do so for ethical reasons and not because they dislike the flavour and texture of animal-derived food. Finding satisfying alternatives is not always easy and commercial options are often heavily processed and expensive.

This cookbook is an expansion of our vegan lifestyle blog founded in 2017. With the recipes in this book, we provide innovative ways to recreate the traditional animal-based dishes we grew up eating, dishes that are family-favourites and evoke feelings of nostalgia.

This cookbook offers a wide variety of familiar beverages, mains, sides, and desserts made vegan. From meat, fish, and egg analogues, to homemade plant-based milks, yoghurt, and cheeses. We try to inspire you to break the dependence on store-bought processed food as much as possible.

Additionally, we added a whole chapter dedicated to our favourite holiday, Halloween, full of scary and delicious treats.

This is the Vegan Bible that you have been looking for, full of mesmerizing high-quality colour photos that are sure to inspire you and to trigger your appetite!

You will receive two PDF version of the e-book. One full resolution for the highest quality, and one lower resolution that is perfect for your phone or a low powered device.


  1. Martha

    Absolutely love this ebook, it truly is a vegan bible! So many amazing recipes with the most delicious dishes and so much variety of vegan desserts and even stunning vegan cocktails! Loving them all??

    • Christina

      We’re so happy you like our ebook! Thank you so much!

  2. Hugo

    soll ich oder soll icht nicht… das ist hier die entscheidende Frage! Vegetarisch ist schon schwer. Vegan noch viel schwieriger. Zumindest für mich als Fleischesser. Aber ich möchte das Wagnis starten. Hier hilft mir wirklich fantastisch dieser Ratgeber. Etliche Tipps und Tricks stehen einem zur Seite um es wirklich durchzuhalten. Zum Beispiel werden einem Ersatzlebensmittel genannt wenn man schon am verzweifeln ist, dass man verhungert… 🙂 Schön übersichtlich und vor allem für Anfänger wie ich und denke auch schon echte Veganer geeignet.

    • Christina

      Hi! 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback. We´re so happy that you find our cookbook useful!

  3. James

    Love love love everything from you guys. This e-book is just fantastic!! This weekend I’m going to try and make your Bratwursts! They look freakin’ tasty!

    • Christina

      You make us so happy, James! You’ll love our vegan bratwursts, we promise! They taste amazing, and try our hot Italian vegan sausages too!

  4. Jack

    This is the very best vegan cookbook I have owned and I have dozens! All the recipes are good! Seriously! In just 24h since I bought it I tried 6 recipes and they are amazing. Plus the photos are all stunning. You guys have a gift for vegan cooking and also for incredible photography! Can’t wait to keep cooking your recipes!

    • Christina

      OMG thank you so much Jack, we´re so honoured to hear that! Hope you will keep loving our recipes. Have a great day!

  5. veganmadeeasier (verified owner)

    Purchased this amazing E-Book from @veganvvocals This book really shows the beauty of the vegan lifestyle. There are so many great ideas and wonderful creative recipes. So looking forward trying these recipes. This couple is so talented and are so passionate about being vegan. Worth the buy and so full of wonderful ideas.

    • Christina

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to us that you like our work and appreciate our passion for veganism. We really hope you will enjoy the recipes in this cookbook 🙂 Have a lovely day, sweetie 🙂

    • Christina

      Thank you so so much for your support sweetie! We really hope you are enjoying the recipes from our cookbook 🙂 !

  6. Anna

    I purchased this incredible ebook and could not be happier about it! Stunning photos and just as wonderful recipes come with them. Everything looks so delicious and all the recipes I have already tried to make are very tasty. Love that there is a recipe for everything, no matter what you are looking for. From vegan basics, to cheeses, coffee creamers, meat, desserts, cocktails… Everything is here. So affordable and so good!

  7. Kripa

    A Five-Star All Rounder!
    Christina and George are dear friends of mine and I have seen their wonderful Vegan creations on instagram. I am so happy to have this 5-star cookbook at my disposal because the book is an absolute delight, with inspirational plant-based recipes for every season! This cookbook offers seasonal ideas for every possible situation, from midweek dinners to elaborate dinner party feasts. The recipes are straight-forward, even when they yield beautifully complex dishes and flavours. You could cook from this book every single day for a year and not get bored. The depth and variety within these pages is astonishing! Eating vegetables has never been so easy. Bonus: The book is a pleasure to look at too, with clear instructions that take you step by step through tastefully designed recipes and magnificently illustrated photos that are truly mouthwatering! Definitely the cookbook to buy if you are a Vegan.
    Some of my favorite recipes from the cookbook are – Hibiscus tea, Pink burger buns, Cashew yogurt,Cheddar paprika cheese, Oatmeal pancakes, Notella, Easy cream mushroom cheese and pasta, Seeded gluten free crackers, Nacho cheese sauce, Ginger bread cookies, Date Syrup-turmeric pancakes and Rafaella.
    Christina George have created exactly what they have intended to: a five-star all-rounder that you will be using on a weekly basis for years to come. This is an accessible and exciting collection of recipes at its very finest, and might just be the best cookbook to give without discretion this Christmas.

  8. Blair

    Very detailed and great variety of vegan food.
    I just bought this cookbook, because I have seen several of Christina and George’s creations on their blog before. I had been anticipating the release of their book for many months since they announced their plans. I am so excited to have this collection of recipes in my house, because every single thing looks delicious. It will keep me busy for months trying everything from their Tres Gazpachos with beetroot, tomatoes, watermelon to their delicious cookie sandwiches. They even have recipes in there for making your own coconut yogurt, several types of cultured cheeze, and scrumptious sweets like doughnuts. The book has 150 recipes of a great range of flavors and culinary influences, so everyone can find many choices to impress their guests on a sophisticated dinner or daily plant based lifestyle. This book is a must for vegans anywhere, whether they’re novice or refined cooks, it comes with very easy and detailed step by step recipes. The pictures included are beautiful and high quality, they’re drool worthy every time I flip the page. I look forward to trying everything and hopefully I will come close to making my food as delicious as it looks in this book.

  9. Linda M.

    5 stars! Great Cookbook!
    I’ve been following the authors on their Instagram account–VeganVocals–for several years and I was very happy when I found out their vegan cookbook was finally available! The instructions are clear and take you step by step and the photos truly make you want to try each and every recipe since everything looks so mouthwatering! There’s everything from drinks to pepperoni to buns to ice cream! Definitely the cookbook to buy if you want to be vegan (and even if you don’t; Try the recipes anyway!)

  10. Mary

    This is the best vegan cookbook that exists!
    My family and I went vegan recently and we used to never know what to cook. That was until we discovered this couple from’s website! Their recipes are so good that we were very excited to get their cookbook. This cookbook has so many recipes, from the basics to the fanciest of dishes all made vegan. Everything is so well explained and the results are so yummy! We honestly love all the recipes! Their vegan meats and cheeses are so so spot on delicious, and the desserts and vegan cocktails … Really, this cookbook truly is the vegan Bible how they call it! 5 stars to this talented couple! We’re so grateful to have found them! Thanks to them we can enjoy the most exquisite vegan food that we never thought possible! Attaching photos of some of our favorite recipes ?

  11. Juan Abril

    I totally recommend purchasing this book for vegans and non vegans alike, everybody will love these recipes! I’ve been looking forward for this cookbook for quite some time and finally was able to get it! The vegan meats and cheeses are a dream and everything made from scratch without processed ingredients. I also love the chapter on vegan cocktails: the White Russian and vegan Baileys recipes are madly delicious! The photographs are all STUNNINGLY high quality! So so so recommended! And I forgot: their vegan fish is insane, it tastes exactly like fish! And the texture! Wow! 5 starts!!!!

  12. Pavy

    I’ve been following veganVvocals on Instagram for ages and I was looking forward to the book! In this eBook you will find many mouthwatering easy-to-follow recipes that will work for everyone. I already tried the HIBISCUS TEA and the CARBONARA oh my! It was so delicious. I love this book through and through… the layout and the photos are brilliant 🙂 Thank you so much!

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