veganVvocals presentation of our cookbook ALL PLANTS: The Food You Love, The Vegan Way!

veganVvocals presentation of our cookbook ALL PLANTS: The Food You Love, The Vegan Way!

Welcome to VeganVvocals!

We are Christina and George, a vegan married couple who loves experimenting in the kitchen.  

We went vegan in 2015, while we were living in Singapore. If you would like to read our thoughts on veganism, check out this blog post 

Luckily for us, living in Singapore meant that we had access to many restaurants and shops, where we could find all the mock meats and cheeses that would help us with the transition to our new lifestyle. We found a small hidden burger joint near Raffles Place, where we were shocked and amazed with the flavours and texture of the burgers. nomVnom really helped us to abandon animal products forever. We are glad to see that nomVnom has expanded a lot in Singapore now, and that its creator, our friend, keeps being successful with his business. It’s no longer a hidden gem and nomVnom is a must try place if you are visiting Singapore! 

In 2017 we moved to a small city of Sweden. Here the vegan options are surprisingly amazing, in fast food chains (we even have the McVegan burger), restaurants and at the supermarket. But the prices in Sweden force us to cook even more at home. The recipes you can find on this blog are what we eat on a regular basis, and right now we are trying to be healthier and are experimenting a lot with oil-free and whole foods cooking and eating. We focus on simple and everyday recipes, if we can cook it, so can you! You can check out all our recipes here.

In 2017 our family was joined by Charlie the Pomchi. He is a healthy and naughty boy who has been plant-based since he was two months old. In 2020 we adopted Cotton Candy, a healthy gorgeous ShiChi that is also plantbased and thriving! You may follow them and their love for carrots and peas on the Instagram accounts @veganvvocalsdogs and @ahowloficeandfire  . There they are also joined by their plant-based best friend Bonnie (Christina’s parents adopted beautiful Toy Poodle)!  

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UPDATE: We have released our 1st cookbook ALL PLANTS: The Food You Love, The Vegan Way, which includes more than 150 satisfying vegan recipes to feed all the members of your household (including your dogs!). Read more about our cookbook here!

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